Cleanse your hair and keep your color going strong! New Wash is the best product for preserving color-treated and gray hair while maintaining healthy moisture and shine. Our signature detergent-free formula removes excess oil, dirt and product buildup without stripping away your hair’s protective barrier. That means less fading and longer-lasting color.

Color-Treated Hair

Over time, color treatments can change the structure of your hair, making it weaker and more susceptible to damage. Detergent-based shampoos only add to that damage with their harsh foams. New Wash gently conditions while it cleanses, which fends off fading to help your color stay beautifully vibrant.

Gray Hair

Gray hair has a dryer, coarser texture—it’s often described as wiry—because that lack of pigment causes your follicles to produce less sebum. Gray (and silver and white) hair can also easily be tinted by external factors like styling products, pollution and even UV light. Using a moisture-balancing cleanser like New Wash keeps your grays looking and feeling great.

The Hairstory Difference

New Wash

It takes a special formula to cleanse hair thoroughly without fading color. New Wash removes only what you don’t need—excess oil, dirt and buildup—while preserving your beautiful color.

  • Contains zero damaging detergents and harsh foams, which fade hair color
  • Made with naturally derived ingredients including Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil 
  • Replenishes moisture, shine and softness

Ten Washes Later

We tested New Wash and a traditional shampoo brand with 10 washes on different hair colors, and the winner is clear: New Wash preserved color significantly better. See Hairstory’s stunning results for yourself!